Idiomaster is one of the most important groups of language schools in the province of Cordoba with over 900 students and has been offering its services since 1989. In its two centres, Idiomaster offers the most modern systems for learning English. In addition to a range of general English courses for young learners, adults and businesses, students have access to a tutorial service, a library and films in English.

Lucena is a lively, dynamic town; it is the largest in the province with a population of 45,000 people and is 70 km from the city of Córdoba. The school is in premises in a specially restored building in the Jewish Quarter, just 50m from the castle where the Arab king Boabdil was kept prisoner after being captured by the Christian Reconquerers in the Battle of Lucena in the 15th Century.

Montilla, famous for its wine and aristocratic history, is 24 km from Lucena and 40 km from Cordoba. The school is in brand-new premises specially designed for EFL teaching.